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The voting process of 17 june is marked by incidents in Corjova

The voting process in the second round of local elections started in a regular manner at the majority of voting sections throughout the Republic of Moldova. The atmosphere is generally calm, marked by low turnout, compared to the first round of elections on 3 June. The atmosphere at voting sections in Chisinau municipality is peaceful, the voters are not being obstructed to exert their right to vote.The main incident registered by the Coalition 2007 observers in the morning hold on obstruction by Transnistrean police of the voting section nr. 5 of “Mihai Eminescu” high school from Corjova village, Dubasari rayon. According to Coalition’s observers, Transnistrean forces broke down the voting booths and the ballot boxes, making impossible the participation of citizens at the voting process.Herewith is the list of common irregularities registered at the moment: • Presence of two persons in voting booths;• Ballots issued to persons without relevant identity cards;• Inaccurate voters’ lists, which determines high percentage of voting on supplementary lists;• Electoral servants’ disregard of responsibilities to prior inform those voters who were assigned to other voting sections, avoiding this was agitation at these sections;• Extended presence in the voting sections of unauthorized persons A large part of irregularities registered by Coalition 2007 in the first round were not solved adequately, thus their persistence in the second round, as well. The League for the Defence of Human Rights of Moldova (LADOM) will carry out, within the Coalition 2007, the Quick Vote Count and the Parallel Vote Tabulation in cities of Chisinau, Orhei and Cahul.


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