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Marian Lupu: 'An important political message for Moldova'

Marian Lupu: 'An important political message for Moldova'
''This vote sends an important political message and will encourage Moldova’s political leaders and people in their hopes of joining the European Union,'' declared Marian Lupu, President of the Moldovan Parliament, on 2 October, following the debate on Moldova’s compliance with its obligations. He said that the Moldovan authorities had accepted firm commitments two years previously and had now – thanks to the combined efforts of all the country’s political forces – made good its promises. Since the last monitoring report in 2005, Moldova has advanced significantly on the path of democratic reforms, the Assembly said, and the Parliament has passed an impressive number of laws dealing with the country’s commitments to the Council of Europe. But parliamentarians said it is now time the Moldovan authorities take all the necessary steps to make the new legal framework fully operational. Further improvements should also be made to the legislation on the judiciary, the general prosecutor’s office, political parties and local self-government. Against this background, the Assembly invited the Moldovan authorities to take concrete measures in order to move closer to honouring all the country’s commitments, so that the closing of the monitoring procedure may be envisaged in the foreseeable future.


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