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No plans to leave GUAM organisation

No plans to leave GUAM organisation

Moldova's Foreign Affairs and European Integration Minister Andrei Stratan has vehemently denied reports that Moldova is allegedly planning to leave the GUAM organisation currently comprising Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova. "These rumours are absolutely untrue. Moldova is an active participant in all GUAM projects," Interfax quoted him as saying. Explaining why Moldovan representatives did not attend a GUAM summit in Vilnius, the minister said that in accordance with an earlier confirmed programme, the Guam summit in Vilnius two weeks ago was to be attended by the foreign minister, not the president. "Unfortunately, the summit coincided with my trip to Brussels, where I signed an agreement on relaxed visa procedures and readmission with the European Union. Precisely because of that I could not come to Vilnius. But our ambassador to Lithuania attended the summit. We support all documents signed in Vilnius," Stratan said. The Moldovan foreign minister also said that "Moldova remains an active member of GUAM and is a party in the GUAM projects." Moldova will take part in the construction of the Odessa-Brody pipeline, he said.

Source: New Europe, Belgium


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