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Moldova s president willing to patch things up with Romania after diplomatic rows

Moldova s president willing to patch things up with Romania after diplomatic rows

President of Republic of Moldova, a country whose majority population is made of Romanian ethnics, said he is willing to meet Romania's president and iron out issues between the two, which he called “artificial” amid rising tensions on the diplomatic front.

Romania's relations with its neighbor have seen divorce closer than ever in the past years; two weeks ago several officials were banned access to the Republic of Moldova which spurred to more strain both in Bucharest and Chisinau.

Disputes which affected relations between the two countries are conveyed through the media and by Moldovan politicians which get "big time money" from Romanian ones to do so, Moldova's President Vladimir Voronin said in a televised show.

Moldova's road towards the European Union passes through Romania, Voronin acknowledged. Nevertheless, he criticized its neighbor's behavior, deeming Romania's behavior is noticeable for Brussels as well.

Romania’s relations with its neighbor have seen tensed moments in the past few months, mostly because of the Republic of Moldova accused Romania of interfering in its domestic affairs.

Bucharest's politics have double faces and threaten the state institution of Moldova and its national security, Moldovan authorities said on March 7 in a statement, calling on the European Community for help against Romania over an issue concerning visas for Moldovans. Romania's proposal to administrate the future European Center for Visas for Moldovan citizens is “defiance,” the Moldovan government said at the time. 

Source: NewsIn

Reporter Raluca Sofronie

Editor Oana Dan



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