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Premier Stanishev on Official Visit in Moldova

Premier Stanishev on Official Visit in Moldova

Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev will make 3 days official visit in Moldova by the invitation of his colleague Vasile Tarlev.

This will be the first visit of Bulgarian Premier to Moldova since its proclamation of independence.

The visit starts on February 14 with a meeting between Stanishev and his host Moldavian Premier Vasile Tarlev. It is previewed an intergovernmental agreement to be signed for common defense and exchange of classified information.

On February 15, Stanishev will meet the Moldavian President Vladimir Voronin and the Parliament Chairman Marian Lupu.

A business delegation, accompanying Bulgarian Premier, will attend Bulgarian - Moldavian business forum.

The third day of his visitation, Stanishev will dedicate to Bulgarian society in Moldova and  will visit the region Taraclia.



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