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9th EUBAM Advisory Board Meeting

9th EUBAM Advisory Board Meeting
At its 9th meeting today in Odesa, the Advisory Board of the EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine considered reports about the most recent work of the Mission in cooperation with its partners in the Moldovan and Ukrainian border management and law enforcement services. The meeting was chaired by Mr Dirk Schuebel, Deputy Head of the EC Delegation in Ukraine. The Head of Mission, Ferenc Banfi, presented the Mission’s Annual Report for 2007 on the observations, work and recommendations of the Mission in cooperation with its partners and described its activities in January and February 2008. He highlighted the significant achievements of the partner services in 2007, especially in risk analysis and information exchange, and mentioned some of the challenges still facing them. He described the numerous training events which had taken place in the recent months, as well as the equipment delivered to the partner services under the BOMMOLUK 1 project. The Head of Mission stressed the importance of anti-corruption measures, the development of a service culture, and effective public information strategies, to inform the people and companies who use the borders of their rights and obligations. The Advisory Board were informed by the partner services of their priorities in 2008 and the key areas in which they anticipated cooperation with EUBAM The Head of the Mission informed the Advisory Board of the latest developments in the BOMMOLUK project, the first phase of which ended in December 2007. The sub-component on exchange of pre-arrival information between the Moldovan and Ukrainian Customs Services has been completed. The work took place throughout 2007 and the full-scale of information began in January 2008. BOMMOLUK 2 began in 2008 and will focus mainly on the establishment of the Regional Training Centre of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in Kotovsk, as well as border infrastructure in Moldova, the provision of equipment to the partner services, and the organisation of study tours. The Ukrainian and Moldovan representatives updated the Advisory Board on efforts to demarcate their common border. 9th meeting of the Advisory Board of the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine: Summary of report


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