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Moldova sees Romania as its best friend - Premier Greceanii

Moldova considers Romania is one of the main partners and the best friend for the economic development, but also for the integration into the European Union, the Republic of Moldova's Premier Zinaida Greceanii said on Thursday after meeting Romanian Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu at Victoria Palace (the govt's offices).

Greceanii said the economic side of the bilateral cooperation is extremely important and stressed Romania is one of the main economic partners of Moldova.

'The 66.5 percent rise in the bilateral commercial exchanges in the last nine months compared to 2007 is a telling example. This doesn't mean we no longer have any resources in this economic cooperation and, therefore, we should capitalise on these possibilities from now on too', she said.

The prime minister voiced confidence that, after the Bucharest meeting, there will be 'positive, dynamic changes both in the trade sector and in the mutual and regional investments'.

This visit 'gives optimism and hope that our relations will be boosted on many levels', Greceanii said.

The Romanian and Moldovan delegations, during the talks held at Victoria Palace, reviewed cooperation projects in the energy sector, in the enlargement of the transport infrastructure between the two countries as well as proposals for cross-border cooperation to back the Romanian and Moldovan citizens.

The Moldovan premier visited Bucharest to attend the signing by Montenegro's Premier Milo Djukanovic of the South-Eastern Europe Regional Cooperation Charter, with Moldova holding the chairmanship of the body; she also took part in the 4th session of the Intergovernmental Commission on economic cooperation and European integration.

Greceanii stressed Moldova believes it is necessary to strengthen and develop the dialogue between the South-Eastern Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP) and the European Union.

'In the context of the cooperation within the SEECP, we believe it is necessary to strengthen and develop the dialogue between this body and the EU and we think it is essential that the EU re-affirm its policy on the Black Sea region, since the SEEPC is a body having a be very well-defined identity and intergovernmental mechanism. Moldova also hails the launch of the Black Sea synergy process, which we believe will increase the potential of the regional cooperation and will contribute to the efficient implementation of the joint regional projects', Greceanii said. AGERPRES



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