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Democracy Commission Small Grants

The Democracy Commission Small Grants Program was initiated in 1994 as a flexible mechanism to enable American Embassies to support the development of democracy in Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and the CIS. The Democracy Commission at the U.S. Embassy in Moldova started its activity in 1996 and supports projects targeting:

  • Institutionalization of open, pluralistic, and democratic political processes at the local level;
  • Public participation in decision making;
  • Independent media, free flow of information, transparency in government;
  • Civic education, strengthening and promotion of civil society and democratic institutions;
  • Anti-corruption awareness;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Development of market economy, economic reforms

Applicants must complete a standard application form. The project proposals must contain accurate and well-developed implementation plans and clear explanations of how the project goals will be achieved.




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