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Moldovan PM sends telegrams to Russia and Ukraine

Moldovan PM sends telegrams to Russia and Ukraine

Prime Minister of Moldova Zinaida Greceanii sent telegrams to her colleagues Vladimir Putin of Russia and Yulia Timoshenko of Ukraine on January 6 requesting that gas supplies to Moldova be resumed. As RBC learned from the government of Moldova, the telegram reads that Chisinau fulfills all its long-term commitments to Gazprom whose relations with Ukraine shall have no negative impact on Moldova's consumers.

Greceanii also urged her countrymen and national housing companies to reduce gas and power spending. Two Chisinau power plants were shifted to black oil instead of gas, in order to minimize negative consequences from gas supply cut to the Balkans via the south of Moldova.

As reported earlier, on January 6 Naftogaz of Ukraine cancelled all Russian gas supplies across the south of Moldova bound for Bulgaria and Turkey, as well as allowed no gas in Transnistria.

Source: RBC


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