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UPDATE Romanian MAE recommends avoiding trips to Republic of Moldova

Considering the developments in the Republic of Moldova, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) recommends avoiding trips to this country, said relevant minister Cristian Diaconescu on Thursday.

He described as arbitrary and discriminatory the steps taken by the Chisinau authorities when it came to the Romanian citizens and mentioned in context the visa regime that was instituted starting on Thursday, April 9.

Diaconescu said that the Chisinau authorities introducing visas for the Romanians was discriminatory as this step was taken on the basis of the criterion of the citizenship.

On the other hand the Romanian chief diplomat reiterated the 'continuity' of the relationship with the Republic of Moldova, a position he also presented at the meeting he had on Thursday morning with the ambassadors f the EU and NATO member states accredited to Bucharest.

'In keeping with European cooperation and partnership principles Romania thinks that one can only found good neighborly relations on the basis of the European values, on the standards and norms the relationship between the EU and NATO is based,' said Diaconescu.

The Foreign Minister said that Romania would go on promoting Moldova coming nearer to the EU, considering the fact that this step is still 'the best variant for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova and for the consistency of the Romanian foreign policy in the past few years.'



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