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MEPs turn focus on Moldova

MEPs turn focus on Moldova

The Moldovan government violated human rights, the rule of law and European conventions in its response to public protests following elections, according to MEPs back from a fact-finding mission. MEPs vote Thursday on a resolution on the situation in Moldova. At the same time, in Prague, the EU is meeting representatives from Moldova and five other Eastern European countries to launch an initiative aimed at closer relations.

The allegations of human rights violations following the publication of results of the elections of 5 April in Moldova were the main focus of the EP fact finding delegation to Moldova from 26-29 April.
According to the delegation's report, the government responded in a violent and disproportionate manner to public protests. The beatings and unwarranted arrests of civilians by unidentified police forces seemed not to be directed at pacifying the situation but led to deliberate acts of repression.

To address the political instability in Europe's poorest country, the report says, there is a need for stronger EU engagement in the country through its Neighbourhood policy and the Eastern Partnership.    
The official launching summit for the EU's new "Eastern Partnership" with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus - is in Prague on 7 May. The EP will be represented by President Hans-Gert Pöttering, Vice-President Marek Siwiec and Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Jacek Saryusz-Wolski.
The aim of the Partnership is to deepen political and economic relations, increase energy security, increase mobility and give an additional boost to pro-democratic and market oriented reforms in partner countries.
On Wednesday Parliament approved the proposal to establish a Euronest Parliamentary Assembly associating the EP with the Parliaments of Eastern Partnership countries. The first meeting is expected to take place in the autumn.


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