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EU foreign ministers want Moldova to give equal visa treatment to all EU citizens

The Council of the European Union intends to start negotiating a new agreement with the Republic of Moldova “as soon as the circumstances allow it,” according to a draft statement of EU foreign ministers’ meeting obtained by Mediafax.

The document further reads that R. of Moldova will need to ensure equal visa treatment to all EU citizens, Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu told the news agency. The FM said that, at yesterday’s meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg, it was agreed to attach the visa condition to the beginning of negotiations on a new agreement between EU and Moldova. Diaconescu noted that the clause had been introduced upon Romania’s request. He said that the draft conclusions had been prepared on time and would certainly be adopted.

The draft statement mentions the concern of the Council about the human rights abuses reported after the April 5 election in Moldova and urges “a transparent, impartial and effective inquiry”, also including international experts, into human rights violations and events on April 7. The Council imperiously demands Chisinau authorities ensure a “free and correct” new parliamentary election.

The draft also refers to Transdniester, stressing “the uninterrupted EU efforts to contribute to a peaceful and viable resolution of the conflict in Transdniester.” In the context, the draft conclusions emphasise the importance of the full observance of the Republic of Moldova’s principles of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Source: Nine O'Clock

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