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Sexual scandal at Romania's Consulate in Chisinau. Consul Ion Nuica resigns

Romania's Consul to Chişinău, Ion Nuică, forwarded his resignation on Monday morning, after a tape in which he was surprised in intimate scenes with a woman, supposedly employee at the Romanian Consulat in Chişinău, Realitatea TV informs.

"Romania's general Consul to Chişinău was called in the country last week and on Monday presented his resignation at the first hour." Alin Şerbănescu, MAE spokesman stated.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry in Bucharest mentioned that he had announced his intention as of Friday and he just signed the official act on Monday. The Foreign Affairs Ministry did not comment yet the reasons of this resignation and informed that the film is irrelevant, considering that the consul had already resigned.

Everything started from a video tape sent to a newspaper in Bucharest, in which Romania's consul to Chisinau, Ion Nuică, was filmed in a sexual intercourse with a woman.

Curentul editorial team says it received a film made with a hidden camera that renders a gentleman presented as Romanian diplomat in a sexual intercourse with a woman that seams to be inhabitant of R. Moldova, about which the authors of the film says she is an employee to the Consulat. The two also talked about some work issues, but not issues which could be related to the national security, Curentul writes.

The daily newspaper comments that the film- made in the style of the Mosfilm documentaries - includes political accents typical to the communist regime propaganda in Chisinau.

The film begins with an image that contains the three colours of the Romanian flag and on the background Romania's anthem can be heard. The message: "This is how the Romanians want to have us, the way the Romanian counsul Ion Nuică had an employee to the Consulate. Watch and gather if you want." is writen on the colours. Then the diplomat's photo is posted, followed by scenes with sexual content, in which his face cannot be clearily distinguished.

The new scandal that burst in full diplomatic freeze, between Chişinău and Bucharest, considering that Romania does not have an ambassador in the Moldovan capital, after the authorities refused to give the agreement for the person proposed by the Romanian MAE. The former Romanian ambassador to Chişinău, Filip Teodorescu, was expeled in April, with another Romanian diplomat, after the power in R. Moldova accused Romania of getting involved in the postelectoral violences from 7 April.

Source: Herald


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