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National Army Will Participate in Tactical Training

A group of National Army troops will participate in a course on tactical-level mission planning from October 20 - November 20 at the Bulboaca military training base.  The training, which will involve about 60 National Army contract and professional service members from various bases, will be conducted with the participation of a team of U.S. military instructors. 

The course program includes a series of practical training in areas such as infantry, reconnaissance, information operations and airborne missions. In particular, National Army soldiers will conduct sessions on light infantry weapons firing and improvised explosive devices disarming. At the same time, during the training course, National Army soldiers will learn first aid techniques in case of injuries, traumas and burns.

The training course on tactical-level mission planning is conducted in the context of the professionalization of the military units and their manning based on contracted militaries, as a part of the military reform process. This particular training is the result of almost a half-year's planning and coordination.   


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