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Traian Basescu on an official visit to Kishinev on 27 January

Traian Basescu on an official visit to Kishinev on 27 January

President Traian Basescu goes on an official visit to Kishinev on 27 February. The announcement was made on Saturday by Iurie Leanca, the head of the diplomacy in the Republic of Moldova, one day after the meeting with his Romanian counterpart Teodor Baconski. Iurie Leanca announced that 27 February was chosen by principle for the visit of the head of the Romanian state to Kishinev, in the case nothing happens with the agenda. The Moldova minister for foreign affairs added that the programme of the visit has not been established yet, but it will be very rich. President Traian Basescu had confirmed to his counterpart Mihai Ghimpu that he will go to Kishinev in the second half of January. Traian Basescu's last visit to Kishinev took place in August 2008 when Vladimir Voronin was the president of the Republic of Moldova.

ForMins Baconschi and Leanca: It is high time for a more dynamic stage of bilateral relations Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Baconschi had his first meeting with his Moldovan counterpart Iurie Leanca on Friday, when they agreed that 'it is high time for a new, more dynamic stage of the bilateral relations', informs the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry.The two officials met on the sidelines of the Snow Meeting that took place in Trakai, Lithuania.

Baconschi and Leanca reiterated the will to consolidate the political, economic and cultural cooperation between the two states. The common conclusion of the discussions was the fact that it is high time for a new, more dynamic stage of the bilateral relationships, added the Ministry.

The Romanian foreign minister underlined that Romania supports the increase of cross-border cooperation and the creation of as many as possible cooperation projects. Baconschi reiterated Romania's support in promoting the objectives followed by the Republic of Moldova in its relation with the European Union.

'During my meeting with Mr. Iurie Leanca, we discussed the topic of material cooperation projects which are to be concluded over the following period, if the bilateral agenda gains substance. We expressed Romania's will to strengthen the relationship with the Republic of Moldova on pragmatic bases, in accordance with the European standards and in keeping with its special status. We discussed about material actions which Romania takes at European level in order to support the Republic of Moldova', added Teodor Baconschi.

He also expressed Romania's support for the Republic of Moldova's efforts to obtain the required external financial aid, under advantageous conditions, in order to fight against the economic downturn, both at the EU level, as well as of the international financial institutions.Likewise, Baconschi informed that, for 2010, Romania desires to substantially supplement the ODA (Official Development Assistance) budget, strictly for the Republic of Moldova. (ACTmedia)


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