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Over 40 potential independent competitors

Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has released the list of citizens who have received subscription lists in order to gather signatures necessary for registration as independent candidate in parliamentary elections of November 28, 2010. Besides Valeriu Plesca and Gabriel Stati, who have already filed the set of documents for registration, the list of potential independent candidates also includes 42 people, 36 of whom reside in the municipality of Chisinau. The youngest applicant is born in 1986 and the oldest - in 1931. 

Post-electoral pre-advising

Immediately after the elections, political stakeholders will be placed in situation to make more consistent decisions, and the political orientation and European vocation of the next ruling coalition will be decisive for way how the crisis affecting the Republic of Moldova will be settled. The conclusions cited above are made in the third Edition (April-October 2010) Report on crisis prevention, developed by IDIS "Viitorul". Experts warn that enrolment in a fierce electoral war wastes the energy of political stakeholders in a period marked by crises the settlement of which cannot be postponed or instantly resolved.

PL announces it's accession to ELDR

Liberal Party (PL) recently joined (during the Congress held on October 13-15, 2010) the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR), following an application filed three years ago. The announcement was made by the PL leadership at a press conference where mass was informed that ELDR includes 58 liberal parties from all over Europe and is represented 75 MEPs, eight European Commissioners and four heads of European states.



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