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Election News from October 25, 2010

ODIHR starts monitoring the elections

OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights [ODIHR] has announced about launching the election observation mission in Moldova, which will involve over 230 long term and short term observers from over 20 countries. The main monitoring issues will be the compliance of the work of electoral bodies and authorities with international standards, the behavior of electoral competitors, the media conduct, the accuracy of voter lists. During the monitoring period, the ODIHR will publish two reports, and on the day after the election it will make public the observation mission's preliminary totals. The final report will be published in two months after elections. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)

OSCE Mission to Moldova
Another four potential contestants
Central Electoral Commission [CEC] has established the prior entry order in the ballot for some parties and candidates who have filed the necessary documents for registration on October 25 as candidates in early parliamentary elections. After drawing lots, the CEC established the prior entry order in the ballot:
Labour Party
Maia Laguta
Ecological Party of Moldova "Alianta Verde (Green Alliance)"
Tatiana Timbalist
Electoral Contestants in the 2010 Early Parliamentary Elections
Monitoring the funding of parties during elections

Two public associations, the Human Rights Resource Centre [CReDO] and the Partnership for Development Centre [PDC] have announced about launching a project to monitor the party funding during the electoral campaign for parliamentary elections of November 28, 2010. The project is financially supported by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems [IFES] and includes the analysis by independent observers of direct and hidden advertising in the media and outdoor advertising. It is also expected to estimate the resources used by candidates to conduct public actions and the administrative expenditures used for electoral staff, the use of administrative resources, as well as granting electoral favors. A special chapter in monitoring will be the involvement of women in the campaign, both as candidates and voters. The monitoring carried out by CReDO and PDC shall be made regularly public within some press conferences, and the final report shall be presented before the Election Day.

Unprecedented methods for collecting the support signatures
At a press conference, Sergiu Banari, a citizen who intends to register as an independent candidate in parliamentary elections, has accused the Foreign Affairs Ministry and diplomatic missions of the Republic of Moldova abroad. According to Banari, he did not manage to collect 54 signatures in his support, since the consulate representative in Bologna (Italy) refused to authorize the lists with signatures collected for his support. The candidate says that once those people have the right to vote, they should be able to sign in order to propose a candidate in elections.


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