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Buzek to pay official visit to Moldova - tomorrow 10 December 2010

Buzek to pay official visit to Moldova - tomorrow 10 December 2010

The President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek will pay an official visit to Moldova tomorrow, Friday 10 December to discuss the status of EU-Moldova relations.

President Buzek will meet with the interim President of Moldova, Mihai Ghimpu and with Prime Minister Vlad Filat. The President will also hold meetings with Marian Lupu, the leader of the Democratic Party, and representatives of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (see detailed programme below).

Ahead of the visit, President Buzek said:

"I am happy to visit Moldova with a message of solidarity and support. In just one year the country has made impressive progress on its European path. I want to encourage Moldova to firmly stick to it.

Through my visit I aim to show the EU's continued support for Moldova and its people at this crucial point in time and our full endorsement of the European reform agenda, which Moldova has been actively pursuing during the last year. I want to encourage political stability in the country, support the unity among its political leaders and encourage them to finally find a solution to the constitutional stalemate and the institutional deadlock.

Moldova has the potential to become a prosperous and modern nation where young people can fulfil their dreams in their home country and not only pursuing their fortune abroad.

The European Union will continue to assist Moldova in this crucial undertaking.

Stability, unity and continuity in the reform programme are the key elements to maintain a constructive engagement for the European future of Moldova."

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