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Schulz congratulates Timofti for election as moldova's president

Schulz congratulates Timofti for election as moldova's president

European Parliament President Martin Schulz made the following statement after Nicolae Timofti was elected president of Moldova:

"I congratulate Nicolae Timofti for his election as President of Moldova. I am happy that the Moldovan people finally have a president after 2.5-year long institutional stalemate.

The European Parliament was heavily involved in helping Moldova to overcome this challenge.

I welcome the newly elected president's declared support for the pro-European course of his country. I am looking forward to meeting him in the European Parliament.

Now that Moldova has overcome its institutional problems, its leadership should focus on the ambitious European reform agenda. Moldova can count on the European Parliament's support in this endeavour.

The two immediate and important challenges are the upcoming launch of talks on the deep and comprehensive free trade area and the next round of negotiations on Transnistria settlement in Vienna.

I regret that the Communist party boycotted the presidential election. Moldova now needs more than ever national unity and cooperation of all political forces in implementing all reforms related to the European integration agenda."


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