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Resolution on Moldova calls for stronger ties between Chisinau and Tiraspol

Resolution on Moldova calls for stronger ties between Chisinau and Tiraspol

A resolution now pending before the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly would create more regular opportunities for dialogue between members of the Moldovan Parliament and representatives of the Transdniestrian Supreme Soviet if approved.

Swedish Parliamentarian and Assembly Vice-President Walburga Habsburg Douglas introduced the measure, which will be considered for adoption at the OSCE PA Annual Session 5-9 July in Monaco.

“People-to-people exchanges and parliamentary dialogue are immensely valuable to building bridges and fostering the trust needed in places like Moldova,” said Habsburg Douglas, who has visited leaders of both sides in Moldova four times since 2009 as the chair of the OSCE PA Parliamentary Team on Moldova. “Conflict settlements take time, but these kinds of exchanges help pave the way for lasting peace.”

Under the resolution, signed by 60 parliamentarians from 20 countries, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the OSCE Mission in Moldova would facilitate the parliamentary exchanges.

The resolution also:

·        calls on the Russian Federation to finalize the withdrawal of its troops from Moldova,

·        invites participants in the Transdniestrian settlement talks to consider transforming the current peacekeeping mechanism into a multinational civilian mission under an international (OSCE) mandate,

·        and draws attention to democratization issues in Moldova.

The full text of the resolution is available here.



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