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Brussels round of Transdniestrian settlement talks focuses on freedom of movement

Brussels round of Transdniestrian settlement talks focuses on freedom of movement

The latest round of 5+2 talks in the Transdniestrian settlement process, chaired by the OSCE Chair’s Special Representative for Conflicts Ambassador Andrii Deshchytsia, concluded today in Brussels with an extensive discussion on issues of freedom of movement.

This round of talks followed a recent high-level meeting between Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca and the Transdniestrian leader Yevgeniy Shevchuk. Deshchytisa recalled the statement of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Foreign Minister of Ukraine Leonid Kozhara on this issue, and he stressed that this meeting paved the way to productive discussions in Brussels.

“The main topic of our discussions in Brussels today was freedom of movement,” Deshchytsia said. “We reiterate the importance to work towards simplifications of the administrative barriers for the movement of people between both banks of the Dniester/Nistru river. This would improve lives of people, bring them closer together and help build trust between them. We will continue to work with the sides towards achieving this goal.”

“We have also discussed the implementation of the Protocol decision on environmental issues and sustainable use of natural resources signed in July in Vienna and the Protocol decision on the dismantling of the industrial cable car at the towns of Rybnitsa and Rezina signed in Odesa,” Deshchytsia said.

This round of talks took place in Brussels, hosted by the European External Action Service (EEAS). Ambassador Deshchytsia also opened the art exhibition “Artists building trust”, featuring works of artists from both sides of the Dniester/Nistru River, inspired by the river itself as a symbol of peace and inclusiveness. The exhibition was organized by the OSCE Mission to Moldova on the occasion of the Mission’s 20th anniversary, as part of its efforts to promote confidence-building and communication between people.

The 5+2 format includes representatives of the sides, mediators and observers in the negotiation process – Moldova, Transdniestria, the OSCE, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the US and the EU.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place in Kyiv on 25-26 November. It will be the concluding meeting held under the Ukrainian OSCE Chairmanship.


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