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Declaration of Moldovan government on Transnistrian region’s appeal to Russia

Declaration of Moldovan government on Transnistrian region’s appeal to Russia

The so-called “supreme soviet” of the Transnistrian region has approved an appeal to the central authorities of Russia on the region’s recognition as independent state with its subsequent accession/incorporation into Russia.

The appeal is nothing but a direct defiance of the Transnistrian conflict settlement process, Moldova’s territorial integrity. By such an appeal, Tiraspol ignores an objective reality – and namely the fact that the Transnistrian region is recognised as a component part of the Republic of Moldova by all international actors participating in the process of five-plus-two negotiations. The pseudo-referendum organised in the Transnistrian region in September 2006 was not recognised by the international community and cannot be regarded as an exercise of expressing the will of the residents from the region. Thus, this demarche by the so-called “supreme soviet” represents a unilateral and categorically counterproductive action.

The only way of identifying a final and viable solution to the Transnistrian conflict is the continuation of the political dialogue, without pre-conditions, within all the present mechanisms of negotiations. The government remains opened and interested in such a dialogue. We call on the international partners to undertake coordinated efforts, with a view of advancing the conflict settlement process by working out a special status for the Transnistrian region, based on the principles of Moldova’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. And in particular, we appeal to our partners from Russia to come with a prompt reaction, in full accordance with the norms and principles of the international law. Moldpres


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