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ForMin Aurescu: My first official visit abroad will be to Chisinau on December 1

ForMin Aurescu: My first official visit abroad will be to Chisinau on December 1

Foreign Affairs Minister, Bogdan Aurescu on Tuesday announced that his first official visit as chief of Romania diplomacy will be to Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova, on December 1, after which he would go to Brussels to attend the reunion of the NATO member states' foreign ministers.

"I've already had a phone call with Mrs. Natalia Gherman, the minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration with the Government of Moldova — it was my first diplomatic contact with an homologue — and we've analysed together the situation in the region and in the Republic of Moldova," Aurescu said in a press release at the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE).

In this respect, minister Aurescu said the parliamentary elections to take place in the Republic of Moldova on November 30 are a historic moment and a "matter of national security" for Romania.

"The November 30 elections in the Republic of Moldova are a historic moment for the society across the (river) Prut which should mark, hopefully the consolidation of the irreversible route of the Republic of Moldova towards Europe and the continuation of the democratic reforms. If not, all the efforts made by the pro-European government and by the European Union as well, including the very intense efforts made by Romania in this strategic direction, would have been in vain. That is why this moment is to Romania, situated at the EU and NATO external border, a matter of national security," the Romanian chief-diplomat explained.

Aurescu also said that Romania will continue to support the efforts of Kyiv of deep reform of Ukraine, alongside the other EU member states, and the implementation of the decisions made at the NATO summit which were generated by the situation in Ukraine.

He added that his second official visit will be to Brussels, to attend the NATO foreign ministers' reunion on December 2, and on December 4 and 5 he will be in Basel, Switzerland where he will participate in the foreign ministers' reunion of the OSCE member countries. Agerpres


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