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The European Union organises peer review missions of rule of law institutions

The European Union organises peer review missions of rule of law institutions

Following a request of the Moldovan Parliament and Government, the European Union organises an assessment exercise of several Moldovan institutions, including National Anti-Corruption Centre, National Integrity Commission, Constitutional Court, General Prosecutor's Office, National Institute of Justice, Superior Council of Magistracy, Supreme Court of Justice, Ombudsman and Ministry of Justice.

The first missions will start on 30 November. The goal of this exercise is for European experts from peer institutions to provide an assessment, followed by recommendations, of the Moldovan institutions they will visit. An indicative total number of 15 experts shall be engaged in this assessment. 

This exercise is organised in the framework of the EU TAIEX instrument, in cooperation with the Moldovan authorities.

As part of this exercise, one of the experts visiting the Moldovan institutions will be Laura Codruța Kövesi, Chief Prosecutor of the Romanian National Anti-corruption Department. She will be coming (with the status of TAIEX expert) for the specific mission assessing National Anti-Corruption Centre and National Integrity Commission.

The end goal of this exercise is to provide advice and recommendations on the structure and activities of key rule of law institutions in the Republic of Moldova in three different areas: reform process of the justice sector, anti-money laundering system and anti-corruption system.

The indicative completion date of this exercise is end of March 2016, with key recommendations to be discussed in the framework of public round tables.


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