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European Union and UNDP support 90 local communities to prevent and control the spread of novel coronavirus

European Union and UNDP support 90 local communities to prevent and control the spread of novel coronavirus

The European Union supports urgent measures to prevent and control the spread of novel coronavirus in 90 local communities, that are partners of the “EU4Moldova Focal Regions” and the “EU Confidence Building Measures” Programmes, funded by EU and implemented by UNDP.

A first batch of 23,200 respiratory masks, 20,000 shoe covers, 1,400 gowns, 80 non-contact infrared thermometers, two spirometers, two portable electrocardiographs, two autoclaves, as well as 9,000 liters of sanitizer, purchased from EU funds, are being provided to the Ungheni and Cahul districts, and to several medical facilities from both banks of Nistru river.
The equipment will help to reduce infection risks frontline workers – medical staff and local public authorities – are facing daily. Personal protection equipment shall be also offered to local volunteers and vulnerable groups.
This support, in amount of almost €100,000, is made possible under the EU4Moldova: Focal Regions and the EU Confidence Building Measures Programmes, funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme.

“The European Union supports Moldova to face the coronavirus emergency. The personal protective equipment and critical medical supplies we are providing are meant to help first responders as they risk their own safety to save lives during the pandemic. This is a question of local, regional and global solidarity. It cannot be solved by one country alone. This support package comes in addition to the assistance that European Union will provide to the overall Eastern Partnership region, announced recently. We are stronger together,” said Peter Michalko, the European Union Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova.

"The Government is concerned about the health of people from both banks of the Nistru river. We are grateful to the development partners for the prompt and flexible assistance provided, as well as for coordinating the response to contain the pandemic," said the Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, Cristina Lesnic.

“The dynamic of the infection shows us that the situation is alarming, and the local authorities and the medical institutions are not properly equipped to provide treatment for those infected with the novel Coronavirus. We are grateful to the EU and UNDP for their prompt intervention and support. I come with a call to citizens to be responsible and follow all measures requested by the competent institutions in this emergency,” said Nicolae Dandiș, the mayor of Cahul city.

“We need external help, especially since the budget revenues have dropped sharply. We must acknowledge that no one was prepared to the real extent of the infection spread. This is new for us. We take decisions based on the existing situation which is changing daily.  We do our best with our own resources and try to minimize the spread of the infection. Everybody should be aware of the risks and act accordingly to minimize the effects of this pandemic,” said Alexandru Ambros, the mayor of Ungheni city.

The "EU4Moldova: Focal Regions" Programme (2019-2025) supports the development of smart, inclusive and sustainable regional growth poles in Ungheni and Cahul, to bring a better quality of life and new opportunities to citizens.

The European Union’s Confidence Building Measures Programme (2019-2021) aims at bringing closer people on both banks of Nistru, by involving them in joint development projects.

As part of its global response to the coronavirus outbreak, the European Commission stands by Eastern Partner countries and has reallocated €140 million for the most immediate needs to the Republic of Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, and Ukraine. In addition, the Commission will also redirect the use of existing instruments worth up to €700 million across the region to help mitigate socio-economic impact of the coronavirus crisis. In addition to this, 87 million euro are provided to the Republic of Moldova from projects that are either ongoing or planned. This will support the urgent, short-term emergency response to the crisis and the resulting humanitarian needs and provide assistance to overcome the economic and social consequences.


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