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    Gas dispute: EU activates civil protection mechanism in gas deprived Moldova during crisis

    The European Commission has activated its Community Mechanism for Civil Protection at the request of the Republic of Moldova, to help the local population affected by the gas disruption during the ongoing dispute between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Assistance is being provided by Austrian authorities in the form of large capacity heaters and electrical generators which will arrive today in Chisinau. The European Union's Civil Protection Mechanism was triggered at the request of the Moldovan authorities on Friday, the 9th of January 2008. »

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    Terms of reference for the monitoring of the transit of natural gas through Ukraine

    With a view to facilitating the transit of natural gas supplied by Gazprom to its customers in the European Union, the European Commission, the Government of Russia and the Government of Ukraine agree to establish, with immediate effect, a monitoring mechanism to immediately start to observe the transit of gas through Ukraine. »

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    18 countries affected by Russia-Ukraine gas row

    (Reuters) - Russian gas flows via Ukraine were halted for a second straight day on Thursday, hitting 18 countries ranging from large European Union members such as Germany to small ex Soviet Moldova. »