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Bulgaria to Fully Support Moldova's European and NATO Integration

Bulgaria to Fully Support Moldova's European and NATO Integration

Bulgaria is fully prepared to support Moldova's European and NATO integration and to offer experience and expertise to the country, the Bulgarian Prime Minister (PM) Sergey Stanishev declared on Friday during discussions with Moldova's PM Zinaida Greceanii.

Greceanii leads the Moldavian delegation during their official visit to Bulgaria.

Moldova is hoping to sign a new agreement with the European Union, which could accelerate the country's EU accession.

"The document must be identical to the contacts for stabilization and accession signed with the countries from the Western Balkans," Stanishev said during the discussions. The Bulgarian PM underlined the importance of the agreement for Moldova's stability and future and for its further European integration.

During her visit PM Zinaida Greceani also met with the Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov.

Parvanov confirmed Bulgaria's full support for the country's EU integration and praised the Moldavian government for their treatment of the Bulgarian minority in Moldova, especially for the assistance for the opening of the Bulgarian University in the Moldavian city of Taraklia.

Parvanov further voiced Bulgaria's support for the territorial integrity of Moldova and for the peaceful resolution of the Transnistria issue.

As part of the official visit, the Bulgarian Social Minister Emilya Maslarova and the Minister for Social Protection, Family and Children, Galina Balmosh, signed a bi-lateral contract for social insurance, the Social Ministry pres center announced on Friday.

The contract regulates employment insurance in both countries as well as the conditions for the granting of maternity leave, temporary and permanent disability compensations and retirement pensions.

The contract includes all individuals under the legislature of either country.

There are currently 65,000 Bulgarians in Moldova and 450 Moldavian students enrolled in Bulgarian colleges.

Source: Sofia News Agency

Collaboration in the education area as one of the priorities of the Bulgarian-Moldavian relations was also discussed during the visit.

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