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PM Ponta on ratification of EU - Rep. of Moldova Association Agreement: A historic moment

PM Ponta on ratification of EU - Rep. of Moldova Association Agreement: A historic moment

The ratification by the Romanian and the Moldovan Parliament of the Association Agreement of the European Union with the Republic of Moldova represents a "historic moment," Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Wednesday.

"I am very happy that Romania is the first country that succeeds to go through the Agreement's ratification procedure, for the Republic of Moldova in the first place, but also for Ukraine and Georgia. I know the Baltic states are equally operative, but the news about the vote in the Parliament in Chisinau pleases me the most. That's where I had the highest emotions and I am happy that the Parliament in Chisinau ratified the Agreement too. I congratulate both Mr. Prime Minister Leanca and Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, Igor Corman.

I think this is a historic moment the significance of which we don't feel to the fullest today, but this is a huge step taken by those beyond the Prut not only towards European integration, but also for drawing closer to us," Ponta said in the Romanian Parliament.

Asked if a freshly imposed ban by Russia on beef imports from Romania and the Republic of Moldova is somehow connected to this Agreement, Ponta said: "I think it is, because just as the president of the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) informed you, we observe all European procedures which, I think, are very strict ... If everybody in Europe says there's no issue with Romania and Russia is the only one to find we have an issue, this means the Russian authorities are wrong."

The Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday adopted the bills on the ratification of the Association Agreements between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and their member states, on the one hand, and the Republic of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine, on the other hand, signed in Brussels on June 27.

The deputies adopted the bill concerning the Republic of Moldova by a vote of 284 to one and one abstention, the bill on Georgia by 298 favorable votes, none "against" and no abstention, and the bill on Ukraine by 239 favorable votes. Agerpres


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